2020 Winners

Property Managers

Claire Bates - Property Management 50 Winner

Claire Bates
Estate Manager, Hillcrest Estate Management

“Claire has a genuine passion which is rarely seen and makes a real difference to the developments she manages. She has recently achieved a Masters Degree in Building Surveying and her industry knowledge is second to none.”

Abby Brealey - Property Management 50 Winner

Abby Brealey
Founder & Director of Property, Metta Property Management

“Abby’s core belief is universal love- that is the definition of Metta and she incorporates it into every aspect of the company. Her fuel is her knowledge that things can be done properly and in a caring way for both her clients and the environment.”

Ethel Nsubuga-Alaka - Property Management 50 Winner

Ethel Nsubuga-Alaka
Senior Property Manager,  Crabtree Property Management

“Ethel is the consummate professional, methodical in her working and with an outstanding wealth of knowledge in the Residential Property Management arena.”

Jodie Fraser - Property Management 50 Winner

Jodie Fraser
Managing Director, Fraser Allen Estate Management

 “Jodie always considers her customer’s needs and then takes it one step further. Her attention to detail, insight into future needs and commitment to her personal CPD is second to none. I’ve never met someone so focused and driven to provide the best service.”

Louie-Mae Gibson - Property Management 50 Winner

Louie-Mae Gibson
Estate Director, Knight Frank

“Louie-Mae’s tenacity to complete tasks and ensure customers desires are met has no limits. Her incredible leadership and passion for what she does really shines through.”

Kate Houghton - Property Management 50 Winner

Kate Houghton
Director, Itsyourplace

“Kate is always on the look out to find the best solution for her customers, whom she understands so well. As Director of her company, I am sure she is inundated with requests on a daily basis but Kate is always happy to speak with her clients and suppliers.”

Benjamin Hume - Property Management 50 Winner

Benjamin Hume
Managing Director, Evolve Block Management

“Ben cares about raising standards. He co-founded Leasehold Management Professionals and is using technology to run a modern block management firm- when I think of Ben, I think of the ultimate all rounder and a fantastic mascot for doing block management right.”

David Jackson - Property Management 50 Winner

David Jackson
Property Team Manager, Rendall & Rittner

“David is an excellent communicator and highly skilled property manager. His knowledge of the industry is enormous and he deals with clients in a professional, approachable, and flexible way. Despite being in the industry for so long, he faces each new challenge with relish and innovation to ensure that clients receive the best possible service.”

Sandra Jagger - Property Management 50 Winner

Sandra Jagger
Director, Homestead Consultancy Services

“Sandra is a force within our sector – she always has her customers backs and strives to find the best solutions.She has the ability to wear a variety of different hats and is looked up too by many within her organisation. Keen to teach others but always keen to learn, and regularly goes that extra mile to make every person that deals with her feel genuinely cared about.”

Becky Kent - Property Management 50 Winner

Becky Kent
Residential Property Director, Battersea Power Station

“Following an impressive response to the Grenfell tragedy, Becky is now responsible for the residential aspect of one of the largest and most iconic developments in the Capital. She continues to impress and I have no doubt she has a big future in the industry.”

David Mendelsson - Property Management 50 Winner

David Mendelsson
Property Manager,  Crabtree Property Management

“David approaches his work with passion and a thoroughness that positively impacts those he works with. I have noticed that staff want to deliver more for David due to his caring and engaging attitude- he is a pleasure to work with!”

Daniel Pollard - Property Management 50 Winner

Daniel Pollard
Managing Director, Realty

“Daniel has designed and implemented numerous strategic and operational systems and procedures that have transformed Realty. The business has seen significant commercial success since, with the portfolio of managed properties growing by 45%, including appointments at the two largest developments that Realty has ever been instructed on in its 40 year history.”

Gary Pendergast - Property Management 50 Winner

Gary Prendergast
Property Manager, Trinity Estates

“Gary strives for nothing less than perfection. He takes ownership of situations and sees them through to fruition – no matter how complicated. He is very well regarded by clients, residents, contractors and colleagues alike- a testament to his hard work and dedication.”

Natalie Rubinstein - Property Management 50 Winner

Natalie Rubenstein
Head of Block Management, Marler & Marler

“Natalie is a consummate professional- always goes the extra mile and really knows her stuff. She’s so deserving of a PM50.”

Build to Rent

Stephanie Barbabosa - Property Management 50 Winner

Stephanie Barbabosa
Head of Build to Rent, Lendlease Development (Europe) Ltd

“Stephanie Barbabosa was appointed Head of Build to Rent in August 2017 , bringing more than 25 years experience in the multi-family and build to rent sectors to the role.
Stephanie has a diverse asset background that includes multi-family, single-family, retail, mixed-use, and Home Owners Association management across multiple markets in the US.”

Michael Howard - Property Management 50 Winner

Michael Howard
Owner, UrbanBubble

“Michael Howard is a tide of breezy confidence and quickfire humour. He’s the Founder and managing director of UrbanBubble, the residential property management company and he’s relentless, but very engaging”

Luke Lightfoot - Property Management 50 Winner

Luke Lightfoot
Regional Director of Asset Management, Sigma Capital Group

“Recently promoted to Regional Director of Asset Management Luke is part of the successful team at Sigma Capital Group who’s letting brand Simple Life won the ‘Build-to-Rent Company of the Year’ award at the Property Management Awards 2019.”

Lee Richards - Property Management 50 Winner

Lee Richards
Director of Build to Rent, FirstPort

“Lee joined FirstPort in July 2018 as Head of Property Standards and takes up his new appointment as Director of BtR immediately. Prior to joining FirstPort Lee was Managing Director of a national property lettings business, managing large portfolios for clients such as the Ministry of Defence and Serco.”

Adam Stephenson - Property Management 50 Winner

Adam Stephenson
Head of Build to Rent, Ascend Properties

“Adam heads up Ascend’s Build to Rent asset management teams and the day to day running of their head office. He makes sure that everything is running smoothly for both landlords and tenants and steps in where necessary with any difficult queries. Adam has been with Ascend since it was set up and is practically part of the furniture.”

Rebecca Taylor - Property Management 50 Winner

Rebecca Taylor
Managing Director of Build to Rent (Multi-Family, Long Harbour Ltd

“Rebecca joined Long Harbour in 2015 and has deployed over £450m for the Multifamily programme in this period. Having raised a further £500mn of equity in 2019, Rebecca is responsible for the entire delivery cycle from strategy and deal origination through to structuring, delivery and asset management phase.”


Andrew Bulmer - Property Management 50 Winner

Andrew Bulmer
CEO, The Institute of Residential Property Management

“What has impressed me so much about Andrew are the exceptional standards of quality he demands from his organisation and his staff operating within that organisation.”

Gary Cane - Property Management 50 Winner

Gary Cane 
Managing Director, PBM Property Management 

“Gary is a great visonary and leader. His ethos to ‘look for a better way’ has sent him on a mission to create positive change in the block property management industry.”

Stephen Colley - Property Management 50 Winner

Stephen Colley
Housing & Property Coach, The Apprentice Academy

“Steve excels in all areas; receiving fantastic feedback from his learners. He deserves this award not only for his passion for mentoring and coaching, but for his contribution to the block industry as a whole.”

Kevin Fairless - Property Management 50 Winner

Kevin Fairless
Head of Training & Qualifications, The Institute of Residential Property Management

“Kevin’s hard work, professionalism, and expertise is helping to raise professional standards across the industry- he’s also great fun!”

Colin Horton - Property Management 50 Winner

Colin Horton
Founder & Managing Director, Hortons Valuers 

“Colin is the most enthusiastic vlogger you will ever meet- his regular LinkedIn updates have a huge impact on the property community; providing countless words of wisdom & relatable content.”

Nick Rich - Property Management 50 Winner 2020

Nick Rich
Founder & Director, Proper Awards 

“Nick is a creative force; consistently striving to improve the sector and ensuring that its professionals remain connected so that relationships can blossom.”

Stuart Shield - Property Management 50 Winner

Stuart Shield
Housing Tutor, Catch 22

“Stuart is much more than a tutor- he genuinely cares for his pupils. He has a wealth of experience which he draws upon to deliver engaging, insightful sessions as well as excellent all round pastoral care.”

Debra Yudolph - Property Management 50 Winner

Debra Yudolph
Partner, SAY Property Consulting LLP

“Debra is the creator of the ‘Do Some Good’ initiative following the cancellation of MIPIM. She also went on to support NHS Charities with offers of accommodation, food and support.”


David Bentham - Property Management 50 Winner

David Bentham
Managing Director, Homestead Consultancy Services

“David’s dedication to his team, clients and the industry has never waivered. He remains committed to engaging with others in the sector, always embracing change, growing with the times and leading an incredible team and company.”

Alice Cadfan-Lewis - Property Management 50 Winner

Alice Cadfan-Lewis
Director & Founder, Block Recruit

“Alice is a force of nature when it comes to positivity, well-being and promotion of the Leasehold sector. She is one of the co-founders of Doyenne which supports women in leasehold property, and also leads a fantastic team at Block Recruit.”

Nigel Glen - Property Management 50 Winner

Dr Nigel Glen
CEO, The Association of Residential Managing Agents

“Nigel represents ARMA in its interactions with Government Ministries, Parliament, relevant bodies, TV and press. He is a frequent contributor of articles and presentations on all aspects of leasehold.”

Samantha Massey - Property Management 50 Winner

Samantha Massey
Head of Block Management & Training, SDL Property Management

“Samantha’s passion for the industry and for her own professional development never ceases to amaze. Recently qualifying as a Fellow of RICS, she is inspiring to all but is also a particular inspiration to women and the BAME community.”

Jeff Platt - Property Management 50 Winner

Jeff Platt
Managing Director, Section 20 Ltd

“Jeff has 30+ years’ experience of property management across all sectors, authored the Section 20 Consultation section on iSurv and was the lead author of the property management section within the RICS UK Residential Property Standards and the RICS Good Practice Guide on Mixed – Use Property Management.”

Bob Smytherman - Property Management 50 Winner

Bob Smytherman
Chairman, Federation of Private Residents Associations 

“Bob has been a committee member of the FPRA for over 10 years and became chairman in 2008. He is currently a director of his own RA which has been formally recognised by the local authorities as well as other public organisations and, since being elected in 2002, he has been a Worthing Borough Councillor.”

Cassandra Zanelli - Property Management 50 Winner

Cassandra Zanelli
Partner, PM Legal Services

“Cassandra is widely recognised for her expertise in the industry. She is a member of the ARMA advisory panel, an honorary consultant to the FPRA and a regular speaker at conferences, events and seminars. She is a leading authority in First Tier Tribunal matters and is passionate about education and sharing knowledge.”

Rising Stars

Matt Bowyer - Property Management 50 Winner

Matt Bowyer
Property Manager, Hive Block Management

“Matt is constantly looking at new ways to improve service levels and I have no doubt if he continues on this path he will in time become one of the industries leading lights, helping to shape and improve the sector in the future.”

Evans Brandford - Property Management 50 Winner

Evans Brandford
Development Manager, FirstPort

“Evans is a valuable source of knowledge when it comes to understanding how technology and people can work efficiently together- he has become a fantastic ambassador for FirstPort.”

Ewa Charbich - Property Management 50 Winner

Ewa Charbich
Property Manager , Trust Property Management Group

“Because of her constant growth and development, Ewa is not only a rising star but also an inspiration for all new beginners in the sector.”

Kate Drew - Property Management 50 Winner

Kate Drew
Property Manager, Carrick Johnson Management Services

“I genuinely think Kate’s passion and enthusiasm to deliver incredible customer service to her clients means that she will go a long way in the years to come!”

Matthew Mackintosh - Property Management 50 Winner

Matthew Mackintosh
Head of Block Management Director, AM Surveying & Block Management

“Matt is key in promoting youth training and development- he is an advocate of apprenticeships, thus promoting and building his future talent not just within but from the bottom up. A joy to work with and a company to watch as it grows.”

Samuel Milne - Property Management 50 Winner

Samuel Milne
Director, Apex Block Management

“Sam is an individual who adores the property management industry. He possesses excellent knowledge and consistently updates us with any changes or new case law which can affect us- he has a recognisable desire to help other agents and strengthen the industry as a whole.”

Alexandra Russell - Property Management 50 Winner

Alexandra Russell
Property Manager, HML Group

“As well as having a full time role in property management, Alex has created her own charity, Friends of the Homeless. What started out as a project for her apprenticeship has turned into active aid for the homeless community with supplies being handed out 3 times a week.”


Sinead Campbell - Property Management 50 Winner

Sinead Campbell
Head of Business Development, Residentsline

“Sinead is an absolute star! Time and time again she has shown her flying colours in her attention to detail, industry connections, great customer focus, product delivery and explanation.”

Dominic Cassidy - Property Management 50 Winner

Dominic Cassidy
Business Development Director, Property Debt Collection

“Over the last 10 years Dominic has built key relationships with clients and suppliers within the property management industry and leasehold sector. He regularly attends industry events, conferences and client meetings; collecting feedback to ensure that PDC provide the best possible service.”

Julian Davies - Property Management 50 Winner

Julian Davies
Group Managing Director, Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors

“Julian is recognised as a thought leader for the property industry and is regularly invited to speak at industry events, represent trade associations and contribute to publications, bringing his invaluable experience to a wide audience.”

Graham Knight - Property Management 50 Winner

Graham Knight
Head of Service Charge Accounts, Knight Accountants

“Graham provides simple, effective and clear service but also goes above and beyond. He shares his experiences and is genuinely a pleasure to work with. I truly think our business is enhanced by his service.”

Rajeev Nayyer - Property Management 50 Winner

Rajeev Nayyar
Managing Director, Fixflo

“Rajeev is quite simply the nicest bloke in Proptech. He’s has a very strong work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. Raj works towards maximum customer satisfaction and his leadership and organisational skills have been invaluable to FixFlo.”

Richard Stone - Property Management 50 Winner

Richard Stone
Owner, Stone Contracts

“Richard is making his mark on the contractor side of property management; providing clear advice and a transparent service as well as mentoring within his own industry to support young peoples’ development.”

Jeff Whiley - Property Management 50 Winner

Jeff Whiley
Co-Founder & Commercial Director, JM2 Support Services

“Jeff’s focus on customer service and building personal relationships makes him stand out from the crowd. He values relationships as highly as providing a great service and it’s so appreciated.”

Jamie Willsdon - Property Management 50 Winner

Jamie Willsdon
Group Director, Future Group

“Jamie is so passionate about his company and shares his knowledge tirelessly. You can always find him at an event really engaging with the crowd.”