2019 Winners

Property Managers

Property Management 50 Winner- Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte Atkinson – Property Manager, SPL Property Management

Charlotte’s positivity is infectious- she works hard to build and maintain excellent Client Relationships.

Property Management 50 Winner- Rebecca Beard

Rebecca Beard – Administration & Accounts, Beard & Ayres Block Management

Rebecca puts the customer at the heart of everything she does and always goes above and beyond.

Property Management 50 Winner- Richard Daver

Richard Daver – Managing Director, Rendall & Rittner

A Fellow of RICS and with over 25 years experience, Richard has a wealth of knowledge and has established a firm place in the industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Jo-Ann Deeks

Jo-Ann Deeks – Head of Block and Facilities Management, Grainger

With over 20 years experience, Jo-Ann continues to pursue excellence in customer service and innovation in property management.

Property Management 50 Winner- Joaquim Fillola

Joaquim Fillola – Managing Director, Encore Estate Management

Joaquim shows strong leadership, focuses on customer service and looks to improve standards across the sector.

Property Management 50 Winner- David Goldberg

David Goldberg – Founder and CEO, POD Management

With both experience and respect from the industry, David has a hands on approach and has become known for building strong teams and challenging the industry we work in.

Property Management 50 Winner- William Heneker

William Heneker – Managing Director, Lamberts Chartered Surveyors

As past Chairman of the ARMA Council and with over 25 years experience, William enjoys the challenge of property management and encourages high levels of satisfaction across the company.

Property Management 50 Winner- Simon Hill

Simon Hill – Head of Block Management, Moat Property Management

Simon has created a block management arm of the business from scratch and not without obstacles

Property Management 50 Winner- Ian Hollins

Ian Hollins – Founder and Director, Clear Building Management

Ian focusses on client commitment, financial transparency, customer service & community/industry engagement

Property Management 50 Winner- Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs – Managing Director, Michael Laurie Magar

Michael set up MLM in 2000 and now sits on the ARMA council. He strives to drive change in the block management industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Beth Lancaster

Beth Lancaster – Senior Property Manager, FirstPort

Beth is a valued member of the team at FirstPort and goes above and beyond for the sites that she manages.

Property Management 50 Winner- Lee Matthew-Gregori

Lee-Matthew Gregori – Head of Warwick Premier, Warwick Estates

Focussed and dedicated with both personal and company development, Lee is well respected in the Warwick team.

Property Management 50 Winner- Annie McGrandles

Annie McGrandles – Co-Director, Burlington Estates

As founder of Burlington Estates, Annie has consistently worked to improve levels of service within our company and the industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Niall McGuinness

Niall McGuinness – Partner & Head of Residential Property Management, Stiles Harold Williams

Niall’s personable demeanour is responsible for a commendable client retention rate and a highly motivated team.

Property Management 50 Winner- Gemma Radcliffe

Gemma Radcliffe – Director & Senior Property Manager, Carrick Johnson Management Services

Gemma’s passion & service shine. She regularly attends industry events & actively promotes the sector.

Property Management 50 Winner- Catherine Riva

Catherine Riva – Director, Rendall & Rittner

With extensive experience, Catherine specialises in large and complex mixed-use teams and is an inspiring leader.

Property Management 50 Winner- Emily Shepcar

Emily Shepcar – Head of Property Management, SPL Property Management

Emily is passionate about the development of her team and is always supportive and encouraging to all of us.

Property Management 50 Winner - Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith – Managing Director, Trinity Estates

Not content to rest on his ‘laurels’ Jonathan is always striving to improve; by learning from the past, listening to our customers’ needs and focussing on customer service.

Property Management 50 Winner- Callum Watson

Calum Watson – Managing Director, D&G Block Management

Delivering a personal and knowledgable service, Calum consistently meets and exceeds the high expectations of clients.

Property Management 50 Winner- Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson – Property Manager, PBM Property Management

Remarkable customer service skills – so communicative; keeping all stakeholders informed throughout.


Property Management 50 Winner- Emma Blaney

Emma Blaney – Associate Director, Warwick Estates

Emma has a passion for the sector, improving processes and bringing out the best in everyone she meets.

Property Management 50 Winner- Andrew Bulmer

Andrew Bulmer – CEO, IRPM

A passionate advocate for IRPM members, Andrew has encouraged hundreds to pursue a career in this industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Jonathan Channing

Jonathan Channing – Director, JC Property Consultancy

Perceptive, concise and tenacious, Jonathan has been synonymous with the industry since the 1990’s.

Property Management 50 Winner- Ryan Collier

Ryan Collier – Director, POD Management

Ryan is an outstanding manager but also has a brilliant depth of knowledge & insight within the industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Nigel Glen

Dr Nigel Glen – CEO, ARMA

Nigel represents ARMA in its interactions with Government Ministries, Parliament, relevant bodies, TV and press and is committed to promoting high standards.

Property Management 50 Winner- Samantha Massey

Samantha Massey – Head of Compliance and Training, SDL Estate Management

A champion for women in the industry, Samantha is knowledgeable, impeccably professional & supportive.

Property Management 50 Winner- Mark Varley

Mark Varley – Group Head of Health and Safety, FirstPort

Mark is an industry leading advisor on health and safety as well as a regular commentator in the trade press.

Rising Stars

Property Management 50 Winner- Nick Basra

Nick Basra – Service Charge Accountant and Owner, Block Accountants

Nick has become a leader in the sector at a young age- to do so in the correct manner is impressive.

Property Management 50 Winner- Claire Bates

Claire Bates – Property Manager, Hillcrest Estate Management

Claire is knowledgeable, friendly and honest with the client who is her core focus at all times.

Property Management 50 Winner- Lara Bunter

Lara Bunter – Property Manager, SPL Property Management

Lara has shown huge initiative and willingness to learn as a new PM; already gaining the trust of her clients.

Property Management 50 Winner- Emma Collins

Emma Collins – Senior Property Manager, Neil Douglas Block Management

Emma engages in learning and is always happy to take on new challenges- one to watch for sure.

Property Management 50 Winner- Ben Foley

Ben Foley – Associate, Brethertons Solicitors

Ben handles issues arising between lessee and managing agents with non-payment of service charge and ground rent arrears.

Property Management 50 Winner- Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis – Solicitor, Coles Miller

Matthew has lifted standards in the legal environment in the Hampshire/Dorset area and is a trusted SME.


Property Management 50 Winner- Karen Bolland

Karen Bolland – Business Development Director, JB Leitch Real Estate

Karen is hugely respected by her peers & makes all of her clients feel like her highest priority.

Property Management 50 Winner- David Clark

David Clark – Chairman, Mainstay

As former Chair of both ARMA and IRPM David consistently displays excellent strategic expertise and leadership to not only his team but industry-wide.

Property Management 50 Winner- Felix Keen

Felix Keen – Director of Industry Engagement, FirstPort

With a varied 25 year career, Felix is known for his customer focus, technical knowledge and industry relations.

Property Management 50 Winner- Rob Plumb

Rob Plumb – CEO, HML Holdings

Robert sees people as the prime asset of HML and this is felt throughout the company and with our clients.

Property Management 50 Winner- Duncan Rendall

Duncan Rendall – CEO & Founder, Rendall & Rittner

Starting off working home to now managing over 60,000 units, Duncan provides vision and strategy to the whole team at Rendall & Rittner.

Property Management 50 Winner- Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens – Managing Director, Warwick Estates

Craig started Warwick in his spare room- it’s now one of the most successful companies in our industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Brett Williams

Brett Williams – Managing Director, Principle Estate Management

Brett has high standards and is very hands-on- he recognises that success is very much a team game.

Property Management 50 Winner- Cassandra Zanelli

Cassandra Zanelli – Partner Solicitor, PM Legal Services

Cassandra is a consultant to the government re leasehold reforms, runs conferences and remains so approachable.


Property Management 50 Winner- Clare Brady

Clare Brady – Founder & Managing Director, Brady Solicitors

With entrepreneurial flair and vision, Clare has grown and developed Brady Solicitors to become a leading light in the property management industry

Property Management 50 Winner- Julian Davies

Julian Davies – Managing Director, Earl Kendrick Associates

Julian’s invaluable experience shines through at industry events, trade associations & in publications

Property Management 50 Winner- David Gillard

David Gillard – Director, DMG Building & Maintenance Specialists

David and his team offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service with amazing customer service

Property Management 50 Winner- Jonathan Leitch

Jonathan Leitch – Founder, J B Leitch

Set up over 20 years ago, Jonathan has led the firm from strength to strength with over 100 staff and is recognised in the Legal 500 for providing an excellent service to clients

Property Management 50 Winner- Dave Piggin

Dave Piggin – Managing Director, Dwellant

As the founder of Dwellant, Dave is a motivating leader and clear communicator; highly respected in the industry.

Property Management 50 Winner- Colin Stokes

Colin Stokes – Managing Director, Adiuvo

Colin is hands on at Adiuvo and always goes above and beyond to provide the best service to all his clients

Property Management 50 Winner- Belinda Thorpe

Belinda Thorpe – Managing Director, Residentsline

Belinda provides support to ARMA, IRPM and FPRA- her role within this industry never stops at insurance.

Property Management 50 Winner- Neil Woolfson

Neil Woolfson – Energy Broker, Thames Utility Brokers

Neil provides amazing service, great advice, detailed analysis of the energy market and competitive pricing.