Recognising & Celebrating Excellence in Residential Property Management

Welcome to the 2023 Property Management 50!

The Property Management Top 50 in its fifth year and we have opened the nominations ready to honor exceptional achievements across the property sector to  individual that are continuously raising standards.

We are fortunate within our industry to have dedicated professionals at every level, including operators and managing agents through to supportive suppliers.  It is our belief that recogniting these individuals and their invaluable contributions helps foster continuous improvement and innovation.

Together, we can cultivate a culture of recognition and support, inspiring to drive the success of our industry into the future.

Submit your nominations today!

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2023 Winners

Nominations received, judges decisions made - your 2023 Property Management 50 winners are..

The Judges

Our Property Management 50 judges have been carefully selected from our previous winners; people who were recognised by you in previous years awards.

The Property Management 50 is brought to you in 2024 by the teams at Property Management Recruitment and Flat Living.