2021 Winners

Property Managers

Claire Bates - Property Management 50 Winner

Claire Bates
Property Manager,
Hillcrest Estate Management

“Claire is a fantastic property manager, excellent liaison skills, reactive and proactive to issues providing a speedy resolution. The term ‘thinks on her feet’ definitely applies! During this difficult pandemic, Claire has struggled through relentlessly achieving resolutions to urgent works, keeping residents informed whilst adhering to the health protocols”

Claire Hamilton | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Claire Hamilton
Regional Manager,
Encore Estate Management

“Claire is an amazing leader raising standards and mentoring peers striving to get the best from her team, and is well regarded amongst peers of current and past. Claire has a great energy towards her work even after so many years within the industry, and if you’ve ever had the privilege to work with her you’ll know her personality is infectious and makes the tasks within our sector much easier to tackle on those challenging days!”

Emma Baltrop | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Emma Barltrop
Property Manager,
Ian Gibbs

“As an experienced residential leasehold solicitor with knowledge and high standards alongside being an RTM director, I and my fellow directors expect much of our property manager. Emma has more than fulfilled our expectations, she engages well with our residents and most important is responsive to queries. In my legal career I have dealt with many property managers and can give no higher praise than to say it is almost like having your own exclusive property manager. I cannot praise her highly enough”

Emma Catterall | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Emma Catterall
Managing Director,
EVC Property Management

“Emma shows strong leadership in all of her undertakings. She is very knowledgeable and has great communication skills. As a result of this she has had a huge impact on the upkeep of where we live.”

Jonathan Ward | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Jonathan Ward
Senior Property Manager,
Remus Management

“New to Remus (but not new to property management) Jonathan has taken on a portfolio that has a handful of ‘problematic’ properties and turned things around. He has come into the business and shown that with a little extra care and attention to what is needed at properties, and good customer service, unhappy leaseholders can have a positive experience”

Kelly Dowling | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Kelly Dowling
Development Manager,

“Kelly consistently goes above and beyond to support her team and development. She is always willing to put them first, and is available to deal with any issues or concerns regardless of whether it is after hours or during personal time, to ensure her team receives the help they need.”

Kevin O'Reilly | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Kevin O’Reilly
Matthews of Chester

“Since joining a family business Kevin has grown the block management portfolio from 16 developments to over 80 as well as extending our service coverage. He has invested in education and training our teams, alongside creating excellent relationships with stakeholders, MP’s and the local fire service to address critical issues.”

Lewis Cassar | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Lewis Cassar
Transparent Property Management

“In a relatively hard market, Lewis Cassar and Transparent Property Management have made incredible strides in establishing themselves as an innovative property management company. He has lead by example and shown the right way to manage properties and portfolios, with complete transparency and honesty, leaving clients and tenants knowing exactly what’s going on and how their money is being spent. Truly incredible work.”

Melanie Barker | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Melanie Barker
Property Manager,

“Mel has given her residents regular industry engagement through her creative and innovative newsletters which are sent to residents quarterly. They include news and updates on her sites and each newsletter is bespoke to its development. Keeping residents informed through this way of communications has received positive feedback whilst Mel has been on site and is why we continue to put out our quarterly newsletters.”

Sanj Solinki | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Sanj Solanki
Senior Property Manager,
Parkgate Aspen

“Sanj is tenacious, knowledgeable and a fantastic all-rounder. Thanks to Sanj the block has gone from strength to strength and we have come so far with all the major works he has pushed through. Sanj is also lining up a major internal redecoration project which will make elevate our block to the next level.”

Terence Langton | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Terence Langton
Senior Block Manager,
Morgan Management

“Terence has made an impact with his enthusiasm for excellent customer care. He has managed some of the most difficult issues with ease, he maintains a friendly manner when others would undoubtedly struggle. No job is ever too small nor far away and his determination to do right by the lessees is admirable.”

Wendy Walker | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Wendy Walker
Regional Property Manager,

“Wendy is selfless and committed and is constantly looking to further train staff to enable for a better customer experience.

Her key mantras are‚ ‘the lease is king’ and ‘communication is key’ it is along with these and her continual support that she helped me to become a successful property manager within the industry.”

Build to Rent

Anne-Marie Brown | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Build to Rent

Anne-Marie Brown
Love to Rent

“Anne-Marie is passionate about raising the profile of quality rented homes.  She continually promotes the great lifestyle and benefits these homes deliver along with the confidence and security customers get through the professional management services provided.”

Chloe Hay | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Build to Rent

Chloe Hay
Community Manager,

“Chloe is such a joy to work alongside. She is incredibly knowledgable, supportive, friendly and always strives to go above and beyond for everyone.”

Lee Richards | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Build to Rent

Lee Richards
Director of Market Services,
Mainstay, Part of the FirstPort group

“Lee deals with a huge variety of Build to Rent clients. The clients he works with at consultancy level do so because they have confidence in his knowledge and expertise of the sector.”

Matthew Finch | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Build to Rent

Matthew Finch
Head of Asset Management,

“Matt is responsible for the operational performance of assets and he has made a great impact with his innovation, developing brand standards for each location and ensuring developments are an active contributor to the wider communities in which they operate.”

Matthew Smith | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Build to Rent

Matthew Smith
Director of Asset Management,
Allsop Letting & Management

“Matthew has an infectious passion for Build To Rent, growth and personal development. He always has a smile on his face regardless of what the day has in store for him. “


Sowgol Zarinchang
Managing Director,
Way of Life

“As the Md of Way of Life Sowgol ensures that the company provides efficient building management and professional customer services through a multi-skilled team of people. Sowgol is regular speaker at different events, member of Women in Property, Ladies in Real Estate and CREW UK mentorship programme. 


Benjamin Hume - Property Management 50 Winner

Benjamin Hume
Director, Evolve
Block & Estate Management

“Ben is one of the hardest working property managers that I know! The amount of hours and dedication that he has for his business is inspiring.  Ben has become the digital host of the Leasehold Management Professionals events this year and genuinely gives back to the block management community. When customers of mine have had questions about best practice, I have put them in touch with Ben who has been only too happy to help other property managers (he has a big heart!).”

Fernando Rutter | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Fernando Rutter
Block Management Network

“I don’t know Fernando personally but I think what he has done for the education of the industry is exceptional and should be recognised.

His podcast is excellent and very engaging, with key pertinent topics and great speakers.”

Jess Parmar | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Jess Parmar
pbm Property Management

Jess has played a massive part in streamlining company policies and procedures making them not only more efficient but easier for the team to understand and implement. This is turn has increased productivity as a whole across the company.
You’ll see Jess here there and everywhere whether it’s in the office, on-site or on social media, she doesn’t stop! Jess inspires the entire team to look for the better way, remain human and know what good service feels like helping them to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Jodie Fraser | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Jodie Fraser
Managing Director,
Fraser Allen Estate Management

“Jodie has continually stepped out and consistently delivered outstanding service throughout the pandemic. Her attention to detail and her approach with elderly clients is outstanding, her commitment to be a Dementia Friendly business is a credit to her.
During the pandemic her business has doubled in size and still exceeded her client’s expectations. She is the one to watch!

Michael Jacobs | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Michael Jacobs
Manging Director,

“Michael is not only the managing Director of MLM, he is also the current chair of ARMA. Michael’s tenure at ARMA has been a challenge! Behind the scenes he has been steering ARMA through the significant changes our industry are currently facing including H&S, cladding, building safety, regulation etc. He has devoted considerable time and effort to improving our industry through ARMA at such a difficult time with the global pandemic”

Nick Rich | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Nick Rich
The Proper Awards

“Having founded three companies in the last 18 months, Nick’s drive and enthusiasm for the property management sector is relentless.

Not only is he the Director of a successful Property Management company, he’s also launched the Proper Awards in very uncertain times with his motivation to bring the industry together and recognise the commitment of others.”

Nigel Glen | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Nigel Glen

“Nigel has been an amazing champion for ARMA and steered them through the most trying of times over the last year in particular. As an ARMA Member, I have felt very well supported both in terms of ARMA adapting to bring us online events to their regular Chairman’s catch ups right through to their regular COVID updates.”

Sam Gibson | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Sam Gibson
Director of Retirement,

“Sam consistently demonstrated outstanding effort with her passion, compassion, and drive in keeping essential services running, protecting our most vulnerable customers safety, and nurturing the best possible spirit in a year of enforced lockdown. “

Tony Hymers | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Influencer

Tony Hymers
Burlington Estates

“Tony founded Burlington Estates in 2012 and has grown the business over the past 9 years into an agent of choice for luxury residential buildings within central London, focusing on raising standards for discerning flat owners. Tony was been the Chair of ARMA from October 2018 to September 2020 and now serves on their Executive Committee as well as previously being a Judge for the PM50 Awards in 2019.”


Bernie Wales | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Bernie Wales
Managing Director,
BW Residential

“Bernie provides a fantastic consultancy service for leaseholders on the one hand and property developers (small and large) on the other hand, alongside training workshops, seminars, courses, coaching and mentoring programmes for property professionals.
With over 40 years of experience as a successful property manager, property investor, property trainer, residential leasehold adviser and entrepreneur, he is ideally placed to provide his expert, professional and commercially-minded advice to the many clients who seek his help on leasehold matters. “

Louie-Mae Gibson | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Louie-Mae Gibson
Estate Director,
Knight Frank Promise

“Louie-Mae is fiercely passionate about the empowerment and support of women in business, and does absolutely anything she can to further this. Her sense of humour engages all, and has a persuasive knack of getting even the most opposed people onboard with effecting change! She is kind, generous and gives all she has to support individuals, organisations and businesses. A decent person, with a strong moral compass, well-liked and respected, by her peers, colleagues and industry leaders. If anyone is making a stand and championing Women in Business it is Louie-Mae; she is simply put, a Superstar.”

Niall McGuinness | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Niall McGuinness
Head of London Residential,

“Niall is very approachable and always willing to help with any issues no matter how big or small. He supports his team superbly and particularly during the current pandemic he has kept us running as a team and been there for us and to check in on us frequently to ensure we are okay. He also encouraged me to achieve my qualification and I do not believe I would have achieved it without his support. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

Nigel Howell | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Nigel Howell
Chief Executive,

“Despite the high level of adjustment and dispruption to the business in the last year, Nigel Howell, our Chief Executive, regularly emailed the whole company to ensure we were all aware of what was being done to cope and steer the business successfully. His communications always felt honest, transparent, informative and gave me confidence that we were all in good hands!”

Shelley Jacobs | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Shelley Jacobs
Director of Operations,

“Shelley was the original employee of MLM and joined in 2003. Shelley has been an integral part of the growth and development of MLM and currently overseas the operational and strategic aspects of running the business, Shelley also uses her skillset to delivers Resilience and Leadership training courses on behalf of ARMA to support property managers and the leasehold sector alike.”

Steve Room | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Steve Room
Head of Business Development,
pbm Property Management

“Steve knows just about everyone and anyone, this mainly comes down to his extremely personable and enthusiastic character! It truly is his passion to make a positive impact in the world of property management, he has played a massive part in growing the pbm portfolio and is a truly valued member of the team.”

Stuart Shield | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legend

Stuart Shield
Head of Apprenticeships – Housing,
Learning Curve Group

“Stuart strives to get the best out of all of the apprentices he works with. Stuart is supportive from encouraging his students to do well to assisting with matters such as recruitment and connecting like minded people within the industry. I cannot thank Stuart enough for his time and support throughout my careers and assisting me to be where I am today.”

ARMA Team: Noella Morton | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Yen Ly-Nguyen | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Sharon Corette | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Jaclyn Thorburn | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Helen Christie | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Diana West | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Andrew Taylor | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends
ARMA Team: Lawrence Diamond | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Legends

The whole of the ARMA team

“At the onset of Covid in March 2020 the ARMA team had to instantly change to support the whole, rather scared, industry. They had to provide leadership by means of figuring out what the Government pronouncements meant, how they applied to the property sector, what the gaps were and how to fill them, what to tell their leaseholders, staff and colleagues alike.
At the same time they had to figure out how to convert from a face to face organisation to a virtual one, which they did seamlessly. The Covid help guide went through some 14 iterations in the first few months, providing a lifeline of information and guidance to agents.
As the first in the industry to bring events such as Regional Briefings and even a Conference to the virtual world, which was no easy feat but felt had to be done to provide continuity and reassurance. Judging by the 300-600 people that attended such events each day it was a huge success, but more importantly gave people the feeling that there was some sanity and reason in a very uncertain world, that there was someone who had their back and that they could rely on. They exhausted themselves in the process, but did so uncomplainingly. 
From all of that work has come stellar growth in ARMA membership, a remarkable financial result for what was expected to be a devastating year and a lot of very happy and relieved members, and a very grateful CEO.”

Rising Stars

Bethany Massey | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Bethany Massey
Service Manager,
pbm Property Management

“Bethany has been at the company less than 18 months and her professional growth has been immense. She has taken ownership of a number of sites and really focused her efforts on building relationships with people on site. This in turn has helped to better improve the companies understanding of some longstanding issues and helped push these forward closer to a resolution. “

Charlie Crawley | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Property Manager

Charlie Crawley
Key Client Manager,
Rendall & Rittner

“Charlie is another young talent within the block management sector, she takes the lead and works with some of London’s largest freeholders overseeing the management of thousands of units, currently excelling in her role as Client Account Manager at Rendall & Rittner. She is also one of the youngest MIRPM qualified property managers.”

Hettie Carpenter | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Hettie Carpenter
Senior Property Manager,
Burlington Estates

“Hettie has been working with Burlington Estates over the past 4 years having worked her way up from assistant to becoming one of the teams most diligent and important property managers, she has great all-round knowledge of the leasehold sector and works closely with a number of high-end clients across central London. When passing her MIRPM she was the youngest ever property manager to do so.”

James Ritchings | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

James Ritchings
Development Manager,

“James shows overall dedication to his residents. I have followed the progress James has made over the years and with him being such a young age it’s amazing how well respected he is within the industry. He is a rising star and a born leader. You could speak to all his residents and not one person would have a bad word to say about him. He truly is a credit to his company and the industry. “

Joshua Buxton | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Joshua Buxton
Property Manager,
Kingston Property Services

“While working through his apprenticeship, Josh honed his knowledge and understanding of the industry and earned a full-time role with the Central Services Team. While excelling and establishing himself as key to the successful operation of the team, Josh laid the groundwork for his inevitable professional development. Progression to Property Management Officer was followed by promotion to his current position of Property Manager, where his achievements have not gone unnoticed by colleagues and senior leadership.”

Sabrina Isles | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Sabrina Isles
Development Manager,

“Sabrina has taken on board a rather challenging scheme. In a matter of months, a vast improvement can be noticed. She is very thorough and provides an excellent service which has been truly noticed.”

Sallie Marston | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Sallie Marston
Hegarty Property Management

“Truly inspirational, knowledgeable and one of the warmest characters I know in the industry.
Sallie is compellingly passionate about the Property Management Industry and has led a fledgling company, driving enviable standards of service delivery to our clients, which are reviewed by them as excellent.”

Sam Levy | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Rising Star

Sam Levy
Service Manager,
pbm Property Management

“Sam uses his initiative and drive to ensure high levels of customer service are evident in how he communicates with residents, leaseholders and clients.  His drive and eagerness to learn and develop his knowledge has shown in his work ethic and successes so far. “


Aga Banasiak | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Aga Banasiak
Operations & Events Manager,

“Best known for overseeing the hugely successful IRPM seminars that have been enjoyed over the years by 1,000’s of people – this year Aga has introduced ‘Walking Wednesdays’ to the IRPM team. From sailing in plastic boats in our living room or baking delicious cakes, we could be sure that as a team we came together with refreshed minds and lifted happy spirits. “

James Lander

James Lander
Account Director,

“James is by far the most transparent, informative, knowledgeable, polite and helpful person I have come across in this industry. Nothing is too big a task for James, he puts his heart and soul into every task he is set and always has my clients best interests at the forefront at all times.”

Jane Bagust | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Jane Bagust 
J & E Lifts

” Jane is extremely knowledgeable about lifts, her customer service skills, and the way she interacts with residential management company directors makes our job as property managers so much easier. “

Paul Bennett | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Paul Bennett
Managing Director,
PLP Fire Protection

“Paul has a great work ethic and attention to detail, together with a passion to truly change the fire Industry for the better.  Paul is always on hand assisting PM’s day and night ensuring our buildings are kept safe. “

Rhoda O'Sulliavan | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Rhoda O’Sullivan
Assistant Director,

“Rhoda is a bright and bubbly individual who makes her clients feel special and appreciated. She has a can-do attitude to anything that is thrown at her and is always looking for the positive in any situation.”

Richard Stone | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Richard Stone
Stone Contracts

“Richard shows true passion and dedication with everything he does with his business!

He is kind, knowledgeable, always ready to give advice and a real gentleman.”

Zoe Southwell | 2021 Property Management 50 Winner - Suppliers

Zoe Southwell
Associate Director,
Block Recruit

“Zoe’s professional growth over the last six years has seen her go from being a personal assistant to now working on retained exclusive contracts with some of the biggest players in the sector. Zoe’s success comes from her curiosity to know and understand every client’s and candidate’s needs, so she can deliver for them. “